This privacy policy is about how Cruit AS collects and processes personal data in our daily work, which applies in general, as well as more specifically to this website.

Processing of personal data

Contact details for Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

Purpose of processing of personal data

  • All collection and processing of personal data carried out by Cruit AS is for the purpose of carrying out the company’s goals within recruitment for permanent employment, and staffing of temporary assignments. In case of candidates, this involves determining the competencies for existing assignments and/or having relevant candidates for future assignments.
  • Information about the specific use of personal data is provided each time someone registers on no.

Kind of personal data being processed

  • Information being processed is the information that 1) is actively given by the person who registers on our website, 2) other freely available information that is relevant (such as LinkedIn).

Basis for processing of personal data (basis for processing)

  • Our processing basis of information in our systems is consent-based, that is, anyone whose data is being processed by us for specific assignments has given their consent to it.
  • Before we have received the consent to the processing, we want to find candidates who we believe have an interest in being considered for the assignment, and thus request the approval to process their data.

Withdrawing consent (deletion of data), requesting correction, and requesting access

  • Anyone can withdraw their consent, and thus have all or part of the information that Cruit AS has about them deleted.
  • Anyone can request access to the information Cruit AS holds about them, and ask for a correction if any of the information is incorrect.

Transfer of personal data

  • The employees of Cruit AS have access to the information that is collected on the website. For instance, recruitment advisers get access to information that has been registered to contact the candidate.
  • Candidates who have given their consent to their data being processed may be presented to third parties who are our customers – contractors. In practice, this is done in consultation with the candidate, and only relevant candidates are presented to the customer.

Processing outside the EU/EEA

  • Any access to Cruit AS systems outside the EU/EEA will be carried out by persons and/or companies that have signed a specific NDA.

Duration of data retention

  • Data is kept in the systems for as long as it is being updated, and while it is relevant to be kept.
  • The company also has routines for regularly seeking agreements, and deletes data which lacks further processing agreement.

Automated processing

  • Automated processing is performed to match candidates against position requirements, but there is no automatic decision-making is in place without a thorough review and approval by our employees.

Right to lodge complaint

  • Do you think your personal data has not been handled properly? Then you are very welcome to contact us. We take every inquiry seriously, whether it concerns deletion, correction, etc., or any comments on the way this is done by us.
  • Anyone registered in our database has the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) for any processing that is in violation of the rules.

Technical solutions and other


  • Cookies are used on Cruit AS websites. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, you can easily block them in the settings of your browser. Please note that many websites will not work optimally if you block cookies.

Web analytics

  • Cruit AS collects information about visitors to the websites, with the purpose of improving and further developing the offer we have there. We use Google Analytics for this purpose.

Technical solutions

  • Data registered by users through the website’s registration pages may be stored on our own servers as well as the servers of the suppliers of our communication tools (Google), chat (Intercom), registration (Gravityforms), import automation (Zapier/ and CRM/ATS (Salesforce).


  • Cruit AS is responsible for the collection and use of all data which is done in connection with the operation and maintenance of the websites.